KP Samarskyi

The clients’ work is consuming all the time and effort, that’s why the house they bought in Samara had to become a retreat where they could rest from hard work.
We came up with a laconic and contemporary interior solution that would remain relevant for a long time. The first floor was an open space so the furniture helped to zone it; to give additional volume to the space one of the walls was finished with ARTE paper with large geometric pattern, which recalls the architecture of the house.
The theme of combining different shapes and colors runs through all the rooms; they naturally unify all the details. For example, the customer had already installed the fireplace so to finish it we used the same porcelain tile with which the floor was lined. The fireplace should have been designed in a classical way so we finished the portal with molding.
The round pattern on the floor visually unites the living room and the dining room. Three supporting columns, located opposite to the fireplace, needed to be harmoniously settled into the interior. They were decorated with silver plaster; between them, a completely new rest zone was arranged with round armchairs, also custom-made.
To decorate the entire first floor, the designers preferred to use calm grey and cappuccino shades adding delicate touches in powdery pinks to textile elements. There is a river flowing not far from the house, and to recall the natural water color, the blue color was selected as the major accent in the interior design. The chairs in the dining room, the rug in the living room and the paintings by Samara artist Andrey Davidov achieved the balanced effect and extended it to the whole space.
A long narrow hallway that leads the kitchen creates certain challenges: to expand the space it was visually divided by pillars always decorated with silver plaster like the columns; each tile on the floor has two corners cut, so the achieved hexagon shape enhances the extended visual effect. To highlight the design we used POSEA FURRY bench by Bolia (Denmark) decorated with Tibetan sheep fur and black and white posters by Radislav Harrasov photographer.
The top and the backsplash are covered with black porcelain tile Kerranova.