Tsarskaya ploshad’

The goal was to create an original space for renting that had to be both roomy and functional. In this project, we combined the kitchen, the living room and the dining room. We managed to arrange a traditional bathroom, quite a large walk-in closet and even a bedroom. The style was not chosen by chance; we wanted to go a little ahead of the curve and added some spice by choosing ARTE wallpapers and black accessories in the bathroom.
The main character of the bathroom is Terrazzo porcelain tile. It is gaining popularity at the moment and has been widely used in Europe for quite a long time.

The round-shaped sofa is custom-made; we have a special partner who is specialized in upholstery furniture.
The apartment could not be rented, but the customer managed to sell it and bought another 2 apartments next door.
We did not want to overload the space with heavy textures, so we chose a light net lace, which softens the regular shapes of the room.