Timiryazevskyi Park

107m2 apartment for a family of 4. Spacious kitchen-living room, bedroom, laundry room, two bathrooms. Three dressing rooms and two children's rooms.
The finishing is executed in warm natural colors. With windows overlooking the park, the textile solutions had to blend unnoticed in the atmosphere and create coziness without unnecessary accents and colors.
Almost all the rooms face the sunny side, so for the kitchen-living room we selected a 3 meter Zimmer Rohde dim-out curtains that block out the lights effectively and are easy care.
We decided not to use any lace to avoid space overload.
We completed the bedroom with roll blinds to fit the wall color, which also block out the light. If necessary the client can totally black out the space, which is very convenient, since the client needs to get a good sleep after long flights during the day.
For childrens’ rooms we chose a practical fabric, which consists of Pl 80% Co 20%. It doesn’t block out the light but still can darken the room. Also easy care, machine-washing at 30C.