Union Park

This project was all about creating coziness by infusing a noble and natural welcoming palette of textiles.
The drape in the living room is in ZR 10736-685, which on one hand matches the furniture and walls, and on the other hand brings an accent mint shade. The ZR 21251 fabric used for Roman Blinds provides the room with airiness and covers the rounded bay window, the same fabric is used in the kitchen to maintain a uniform style and combine spaces.
The drape features Pierre Frey 1658018, which is 100% silk in natural mint shade to support the diamond-shaped design on the wall. To add extra softness to the room we chose the almost transparent and weightless Pierre Frey Ivory 02 F2658002 for the curtain lace. The bedroom turned out to be discreet in its beauty thanks to sophisticated natural colors.
A dream bathroom with a large window that brings so much light to the room. For this reason for roll blinds the Houles joyce 72525 was selected. It perfectly complements English tiles and protects from sunlight in the summer.
The cabinet is the client’s favorite place in the whole apartment. The sophisticated blue shade fits beautifully the wall. The room required new textures so we balanced the checked Nobilis 10617 of the drape with light-striped Nobilis Milonga 10325 used for Roman Blinds.
Living Room

  1. Drape Zimmer Rohde 10736-685
  2. Design curtain rod Interstill Kensington
  3. Roman blinds ZR 21251-853
  4. Cushion Pierre Frey 07939003
  5. Carpet 2,5/3 Kasthall, Hagga Shimmer, 100% wool


  1. Drape Pierre Frey 16588018 100% silk
  2. Curtain lace Pierre Frey Ivory 02 F2658002
  3. Pillow Fabric Sahco Avalon 2194
  4. Bed linen Qugliotti


  1. Roman blinds Houles joyce 72525
  2. Trimming Houles 31162
  3. Curtain rod for the Roman blinds Silent Gliss manual control - SG 2320


  1. Drape Nobilis 10617
  2. Roman Blinds Nobilis Milonga 10325
  3. Design curtain rod Interstill Kensington
  4. Cushions Sahco Avalon
  5. Plaid PL102